Federal grant helps unemployed Alabamians on their feet, teens getting more jobs

Teen unemployment has fallen from 21% to 18% in the past year.

A federal grant will help unemployed Alabamians get back to work.

The state is using the $1.2 million grant to expand a program that provides one-on-one services to people receiving unemployment.

More than 6,500 people have participated in the program over the last year, and according to experts, that number will increase to 10,000 soon. The services will be provided at unemployment offices around the state.

Also, some teens who are looking for jobs are having better success, according to economists. And now that more teens are finding jobs, experts say that’s a good sign for the economy.

About 4.7 million teens nationwide are now employed, and the teenage unemployment rate dropped down to 18% in the month of June. While that figure remains high by historical standards, the number is down from 21% just a year ago.

This means the teenage unemployment rate is falling faster than the national jobless rate, which fell to 5.3% last month.


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