Muscogee County, surrounding counties to benefit from new gas excise tax

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Muscogee County was one of the 46 counties in the state to approve the Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Tax in July 2012.

Now that the state has passed the gas excise tax, which will increase prices at the pump by about 6 to 7 cents a gallon, will motorists in Muscogee County see those dollars in action?

A spokesperson from the Georgia Department of Transportation said the new state gas excise tax, paired with the local option tax is a win-win.

“We’ll just continue to have extra funding to do extra projects in your area, specifically Muscogee County,” said spokesperson Natalie Dale. “You just get more, basically.”

Dale said they’re projecting a 800 to 1 billion dollar increase in funding for Georgia roads.

Dale said they’ll begin improvements by looking at the pavement conditions throughout the state.

“We want to see where they’re the worst and begin to address that,” she said.

In the River Valley Region, 24 projects have been approved.

Eight of those projects are in Muscogee County and include the Buena Vista Road I-185 interchange, as well as what’s commonly known as the “spider web” — the intersection of Buena Vista, Brennam and St. Mary’s.


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