Columbus Lions talk PIFL championship matchup

The Columbus Lions now know they will be playing the Richmond Raiders in the PIFL championship. The Raiders beat Nashville in Monday’s night’s semifinal game. That’s after Columbus took down Lehigh Valley Saturday in the other semifinal game.

After throttling Lehigh Valley to clinch a championship birth, the Columbus Lions have settled back down because the Richmond Raiders are on their way.

“The two best teams are playing in the championship game. It worked itself out which is good for the league. They are peaking really well right now. They have lot of confidence,” said Lions head coach Jason Gibson.

“They have some different players. They have gotten a lot better. Our team is a little bit different. We’ve changed. I think we’ve gotten better too, though. It will be a good matchup. We are ready for them,” said Lions quarterback Casey Kacz.

It’s been months since Columbus and Richmond played. They met in the first and third weeks of the season with the Lions winning both games. Since then, an inspired defense has kept Columbus in first place.

“We are called the Black Shirt Mafia. That’s our defensive name. They have taken that and run with it. They have made shirts and everything for each and every player,” said Lions defensive coordinator Branden Hall. “That’s gotten them a lot closer and built that camaraderie amongst each other.”

With the championship being the final game of the season, the Lions might have to reach back in the playbook for trick plays.

“Yeah you do. You practice stuff like that throughout the entire season. You never know when you’re going to need that play or that situation. That’s something with our team and organization. We always practice situational football,” Gibson said.

The championship is on Monday at 7:00pm at the Columbus Civic Center.

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