Lions preview Saturday’s PIFL semifinal


COLUMBUS, Ga. — Home has been kind to the Columbus Lions. They are 5-1 at The Jungle this year. With their confidence high, they say it’s hard not to look ahead to hosting the championship game.

“A little bit, but we have to keep our mind on the task at hand. We have to take care of Lehigh first and we will take it from there,” says wide receiver Michael Reeve.

The Lions split the season series with Lehigh Valley, beating them by ten points when they played in Columbus.

“Against them we might going get nine possessions. So, we have to score on nine possessions. That’s the way we look at it as an offense,” says quarterback Casey Kacz.

The Steelhawks say they have known for two weeks if they got in the playoffs, they would play Columbus, putting even more pressure on the Lions, which they’re actually okay with.

“With being the 1-seed, you’ve got everything to lose. The 4-seed has nothing to lose. They weren’t supposed to be here anyway. There is a little bit of pressure. But, we have been in first place all season,” says head coach Jason Gibson.

“Each week that we played, we have that target on our back. We were able to handle it before, I think this week will be similar. It might be a little bit tougher because it’s the playoffs. We’ll be ready for it. We expect it,” Kacz says.

They also expect some home cooking to pay off on the scoreboard.

“The one deciding factor for us is the Columbus Civic Center and the fans,” said Gibson. “That has always been a staple of our history with defense and with fans in the arena. It’s always helped out. That’s what teams fear the most.”

The PIFL semifinals kick off Saturday at 7 pm at the Civic Center.

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