D.J. Shockley teaches football to Schley kids

D.J. Shockley teaches football to Schley kids (Image 1)
D.J. Shockley teaches football to Schley kids (Image 1)

Former Georgia Bulldogs and Atlanta Falcons quarterback D.J. Shockley was in Ellaville Monday morning to help teach Schley County kids how to play football.

It was quite a thrill for Schley County kids to catch a pass from a UGA football great and former NFL quarterback. D.J. Shockley became a coach for the day for Schley County kids.

“I’ve been taught so much over time that to be able to come out here and give some of what I’ve taught, it’s simple and easy. The satisfaction I get from these kids’ faces is everything,” Shockley said.

He of course taught some football fundamentals, but, he talked about how football is a metaphor for life.

“Nobody can measure the heart that you have. Whenever you guys are put in spots where people say you aren’t good enough, you’re not tall you’re not strong enough, you’re not big enough. Don’t listen to it, alright,” said Shockley

It has been a decade since Shockley electrified the Georgia fan base on the way to a SEC Championship

“My mom brought it up to me a couple of years ago. She said, do you realize it has been ten years since you have been there and won a SEC championship. I was like, I can’t believe that. It was kind of amazing. Time flies. I still remember it like it was yesterday,” Shockley said.

Shockley says he is eager for the upcoming Georgia season, especially with a quarterback battle in Athens. He knows plenty about those. He tried to take David Greene’s starting role for year.

“Even though David was the starter, I did everything like I wanted to be the starter. Whatever David did, I did it and tried to do it two more times. We used to have friendly wagers during practice to see who could complete the most passes. If you threw an interception, you had do x amount of sprints after practice. That made us better,” said Shockley.

Shockley says the arrival of Greyson Lambert to Athens will make all the quarterbacks better, like the competition at Schley is making these kids better.

Shockley refused to make a prediction about who will be Georgia’s starting quarterback. He says it’s still too early to even have a front runner.

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