Johnson Murder Trial

Jury selection in the murder trial for Michael Jerome Johnson is underway. He’s charged with murder, armend robbery, and two weapons charges in connection with the slaying of Steve Toms.

Also on trial is co-defendant Dimitrius Gordon. Prosecutors say the robbery at the “Gold and Silver Exchange” where Steve Toms worked is believed to be the first part of a ten-month crime spree involving Johnson, Gordon, and four other men.

Johnson was in jail for robbing a mexican restaurant when police charged him with murdering Steve Toms. Jury selection is now underway.

Johnson’s defense attorney J. Mac Pilgrim shares his take on a you tube video prosecutors plan on presenting to the jury produced by Johnson and Gordon will. “The videos were discussed in preliminary motions, preliminary hearings and they were displayed and shown. These are access for anyone who wishes to have you tube or have access to it,” said Pilgrim.

The video titled “Go Hard, Go Crazy” is a rap music video from RBN, Johnson and Gordon’s music label. In the music video the two men are seen with money, guns, and a vehicle prosecutors believe may be linked to the case.

Terence Biggers the RBN CEO and half brother of Johnson explains how he feels about the music video. “The music vide playing around for promotions and entertainment doesn’t make it a real life situation cause it’s only entertainment at the end of the day,” said Biggers.

The jury selection will continue on Wednesday. Both the prosecution and the defense will begin opening statements soon after the jury of twelve is picked.

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