Day two of Jury Selection in the Steve Toms Murder Trial

Attorneys for both sides spent the second day working with the jury pool of around 70 people. The goal is to narrow the pool of 70 down to 12 jurors jurors who can impartially review evidence and listen to testimony both pro and con Michael Jerome Johnson.

“And it’s going well, we’re in the middle of like I said individual voir dire. Now we’ve asked all our general questions and we are as of right now asking individual questions. It is going well we’re narrowing down to get the fairest jury that we possibly can,” said Darrell Donaldson a defense attorney for Michael Johnson.

Prosecutors say Johnson killed “Gold and Silver Exchange” manager Steve Toms back on November 15th of 2011 during a robbery at the store. The business owner found Tom’s body the next morning.

Johnson is standing trial with Dimitrius Gordon a co-defendant who is charged with armend robbery. Defense attorney J. Mac Pilgrim shares his thoughts on the jury selection process on day two. “We’re asking potential jurors questions about various things that we think are relevant and the states doing it as well. We’re gathering information we think will be best jurors to serve this case, “said Pilgrim.

Prosecutors say Johnson and Gordon were part of a group responsible for a series of armed robberies that started with the fatal hold-up at the Gold and Silver Exchange. Prosecutors also say they have 4 other members of that group who will testify against Johnson and Gordon.



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