Study: Most women don’t know female-specific stroke signs

Study: Most women don't know female-specific stroke signs (Image 1)

May is American Stroke Month a time dedicated to raising awareness about the symptoms and risks of strokes.

A new survey shows how unaware most women are when it comes to strokes. The national study released by the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center  found that only 11 percent of women could identify a list of female-specific signs. 9 out of ten didn’t know women often have hiccups during a stroke.

Dr. Arvind Chakravarthy is the Medical Director of the Emergency Department at West Georgia Health in LaGrange. He’s not surprised busy women often mistake the symptoms for something else altogether because they’re often caught up in taking care of others around them..

“It’s surprising how many people think Oh I was just stressed out, and especially , they tend to I think more so than men kind of blow off the symptoms as Oh I’m just stressed out, I have too many things to do,” said Dr. Chakravarthy.

Health officials say women have more headaches with their strokes.

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