Former state Senate candidate indicted on racketeering charge

Former state Senate candidate indicted on racketeering charge (Image 1)

A former state Senate candidate has been indicted after being accused of embezzling funds from the historic Little White House.

A Meriwether County Grand Jury indicted Brian Roslund Monday on one count of racketeering. Roslund is suspected of stealing funds from the Friends of Roosevelt’s Little White House to fund his state Senate campaign.

When Roslund first ran for senate in District 29 back in March 2014, he was also the president of the Little White House. He also held a role as a fiduciary and had access to the landmark’s bank account, according to officials. 

Roslund is accused of embezzling more than $11,000, withdrawing money nearly 30 times from the organization’s bank account. The prosecution believes Roslund used the money to not only fund campaign-related expenses, but to also rent a residence in the district in which he was running. Roslund is also accused of writing approximately $15,000 in checks for campaign-related goods and services on bank accounts that either contained little to no money, or had been closed before the checks were written.

The grand jury’s indictment discloses that Roslund inflated campaign donation amounts with fraudulent donors in order to support claims that he had received more than $50,000 towards his campaign.

If convicted, Roslund could face up to 20 years in prison. He also faces theft by taking charges, which could mean up to 15 years in prison for each count.

This case is being prosecuted by Senior Assistant Attorney General David McLaughlin. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is at the forefront of the investigation.

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