Auburn’s new tech attracts big name retailers

Auburn's new tech attracts big name retailers (Image 1)

Retailers like Amazon are partnering with Auburn University as they develop the latest technology to enhance the retail experience. A new facility is housing the research.

Auburn has developed advanced technology that could speed up the supply chain. They showcased their new Radio Frequency Lab Wednesday. The innovation will open the door for many companies, such as Amazon, to partner with the university.

“Our focus has always been speeding up delivery lowering costs and increasing selection for our customers,” Dave Clark, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations for Amazon says. “RTIF technology is a way for us to improve all of those.” 

The technology uses microchips and wireless trackers to monitor companies’ inventories. The lab will allow students the opportunity to test the technology in a mock commercial setting. The set-up is expected to help connect the university with top retailers.

“I’m incredibly excited to partner with Auburn as an alumni and as a big fan of the university,” Clark says. “[I’m] really happy to see the progressive work they are doing here, and happy to be engaged in it.”

faculty members say they are excited to see what students will be able to design and create in the new space.

“We pair academic researchers with companies that are interested in wanting to use the new technology like Target or Macy’s, or whoever it might be,” Auburn’s RFID Lab Director Justin Patton says. “Then use the students and faculty to bridge that gap and research whatever problems may be.”

Three colleges within Auburn will use the space for research.

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