A look ahead to summer!

A look ahead to summer! (Image 1)

 Memorial Day Weekend marks the unofficial start of summer. With more than 37 million Americans on the roads, gas prices are first on the checklist for the unofficial start of summer!

“Not right now, I’m not worried. It’s just when it gets over $3.00 I kind of get worried then,” said Willene Jackson.

According to GasBuddy.com the average is 2.63 a gallon in Georgia, across the river the average for a gallon of regular is 2.49. They are the lowest Memorial Day gas prices in at least 5 years.

“It is not as bad as it was so I can’t complain,” said James Ceasar. 

With summer on the brain, what music will be at the top of your playlist?

“Blake Shelton’s got a brand new song. It is called Sangria. Totally perfect for the summer. The memorial holiday anthem of the year is going to be Flo Rida and Gemini “Going Down for Real,” said Dave Arwood.

A good book is also a must for the summer season.

“If you are a Gone Girl fan which we had a hard time keeping on the shelves, Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins who is a New York Times Best Seller is highly recommended,” said Tiffany Wilson.

For the kids, The American Chillers Series by Jonathan Rand is highly recommended.

“It take you through all 50 states, so you can take a staycation this summer, stay at home but also take a tour of the United States,” said Wilson.

The official start of summer is not until June 21st but it is never too early to look ahead.

The Chattahoochee Valley Libraries are doing a Vacation Reading Program. You can pick the books you want to read and there are a ton of great prizes you can win. For more information you can visit www.cvlga.org.

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