Governor Bentley disappointed in House’s passage of General Fund Budget

Governor Bentley disappointed in House's passage of General Fund Budget (Image 1)

The Alabama House of Representatives has approved a general fund budget that will slash $200 million from state agencies after GOP lawmakers could not reach an agreement on tax increases. 

Representatives voted 66-36 for the spending plan today Tuesday. Most Democrats voted against the budget after criticizing the cuts. Governor Robert Bentley called the budget cuts irresponsible. 

“I just want to say how disappointed I am in the House for passing this General Fund budget,” Bentley said.

“It’s unworkable, irresponsible, and is really going to hurt the people of this state. This is a very poor budget. There are so many agencies that aren’t even funded and it truly will hurt the people of Alabama.”

The governor has unsuccessfully sought $541 million in new taxes. The spending plan now goes to the Alabama Senate. Bentley says he will veto the budget if the senate passes it.

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