Harris County, South Girard football teams are Co-Athletes of the Week

This week’s Headquarter Nissan Athletes of the Week award was actually a co-Athletes of the Week award.

First up, the South Girard Bulldog eighth grade football team just finished their second straight undefeated season after defeating East Columbus Magnet Academy.

“This group is absolutely incredible in terms of their off-the-field and on-the-field characteristics,” said head coach Phillip Morton. “They’re great in the classroom, they stay out of the principal’s office and they’re winners as well. It’s been a special year, it really has.”

“Special year” would also be a good way to describe 2014 for the Harris County Tigers, which wrapped up the region 1-AAAAA title last Friday with a 44-34 win over LaGrange.

With the win over the Grangers, the Tigers have wins in two of the three games head coach Dwight Jones said they needed to have, with the third coming on Friday.

“We’re excited, and now we need to finish it off the right way,” Jones said. “We said all along, it was Carver, it was LaGrange and it was Shaw. Those were the three games that we had to take care of, so this is a game we need to go out and play our best.”

Harris County travels to Kinnett Stadium to take on Shaw on Friday, with a special kickoff time of 5:00 p.m. ET.

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