News 3 Neighbors: Jordan High Shop Volunteers

A quartet of girls in Steve Potts’ Jordan High School construction class is quietly making a name for themselves in the community.  Cheyenne Benge, Samantha McLain, Doris McLain, and Destiny Davis all love the construction process.

Doris, a junior, admits, “I like building stuff.  It makes me glad that it helps other people.”

Their current project is a playhouse that will be sold to the highest bidder to raise money for Easter Seals.  The measure of these girls’ efforts is not in what they do for a grade, but in the untold hours of volunteer service they perform under the radar in the community. 

Steve Potts is the career and technical education teacher at Jordan where he’s worked for 22 years.  He brags on the girls’ willingness to volunteer.  “They want to do community service.  This is what they want to do.  They’ve been helping me ever since they’ve been here as freshmen.”

The girls have volunteered on the weekend to help organizations like Keep Columbus Beautiful, Habitat for Humanity, and House of Heroes.  Cheyenne loves getting to help people out.  She says, “Seeing their faces when we get done…it’s like, oh my gosh, I love this!  I want to try to promote it to other people.”

This small band of modern-day Rosie the Riveters reached out to help a neighbor near their school named Ms. Reese who was having plumbing problems.  Destiny, also a junior, describes her problems.  “She was without hot water.  She needed painting done at her house because it was falling apart.  We remodeled inside and replaced the leaky pipe…so Ms. Reese holds a little place in my heart.”

These girls have learned skills for a lifetime in Mr. Potts’ Redjacket construction class.  Samantha, a Jordan High sophomore, proudly states, “I know how to wire my own house now.  I know how to fix my own plumbing.  I could build a shed all by myself in my back yard.”

Mr. Potts never has to worry about this talented and caring group of girls cutting class.  He says, “I’ve had great students over my years here that have done a lot of community service, but I don’t think any group has ever matched this group of girls.”

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