Remember When: Bill Bowick

Remember When: Bill Bowick (Image 1)

   Bill Bowick was a staple on morning radio in Columbus for decades.  His popular “Coffee with Bill” show got a lot of folks up and running in the morning.

   Bill’s broadcast career started in Albany, Ga. while he was finishing up his journalism degree at the University of Georgia.  The year was 1947.  “I went down there for three weeks and stayed eight years.  I enjoyed it so much.  That’s when I started doing the coffee show.”
   Bowick was offered a job at WGBA in Columbus in 1955, a gig that lasted 17 years.  In the early 70’s he came to work for WRBL radio.  “Loved working here at WRBL.  It was back in the Woodruff days.  Jim Woodruff…now you could say he was a mentor.”

   Bill’s style on the air was…well, just Bill.  “It was lackadaisical, very nice, loose.  That’s the way I liked it.”

   Bill pegged the meters with all kinds of music during his six decades on the air.  “I love big bands and I love the Sinatras, and Joe Stafford, and Dinah Shore, Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, all of those.”

   From WRBL it was on to WVOC whose studios were in a beautiful white mansion on Wynnton Road.  Bill would often do his morning show on the veranda. 

   In the mid 80’s Bill was courted to switch stations again.  This time WEIZ was fortunate enough to land Bill’s services, though they didn’t have to strong arm him to take the job. 

   Bill’s alter ego on the air was a sidekick named Philup Space which he invented thanks to a no-show.  “A minister was to come for a 15-minute or half hour show and he didn’t show.  And I said, ‘What do you want me to do, fill up space?’ And they said, ‘Yeah.’  That’s how my little sidekick, Philup Space, came into being.”

   Several years ago Bill Bowick’s contributions to broadcasting were recognized when he was inducted into the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame.

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