Remember When Encore: Old Muscogee County Courthouse

   The old Muscogee County Courthouse stood in the shadows of our current government center in downtown Columbus.  It was built in 1896. 

   It holds special memories for Columbus resident Jeanne McCrum.  Her dad was Dupont Hagins who was the city treasurer of Columbus for almost 50 years.  His office was in the old courthouse.

   Jeanne told me, “Dad had to work a lot of times over the weekends.  I would always beg to go with him, and usually I got to go.”

   Jeanne says one thing many folks don't know, her dad rode the bus to and from work.  “A lot of times he would ride the bus home for lunch.  He would love soap operas.  My dad would come home for lunch to watch 'As the World Turns.'”

   Even as a young girl, Jeanne was impressed by the features of the old courthouse.  “I remember the beautiful marble floors and the fountain outside with the goldfish.”

   When it comes to progress, Jeanne regrets that sometimes it means demolishing our history.  “I still feel like they should have added on to it and left the old building like it was with those beaufiful marble floors and the staircases.”

   Dupont Hagins died in 1987 and left a legacy his daughter is proud of.  Jeanne says, “I can truthfully say that I never heard a person say anything bad about my dad.  He was just a jewel.”

   A treasure, you might say, for a daughter who loved to hang out with dad at his office.

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