News 3 Neighbors: Carl Fedde

News 3 Neighbors: Carl Fedde (Image 1)

   The driving force behind a lot that goes on in our communities is volunteers.  Carl Fedde is a dedicated volunteer at the National Infantry Museum.  He is this week's News 3 Neighbor.

   Thousands of people flock to the stadium behind the National Infantry Museum to witness soldier graduations.  Before they ever get to their seats, they may have been greeted near the parking lot by Carl Fedde, a retired Army veteran.

   Carl is one of the tram drivers who volunteers two days a week.  Carl says, “I've been here since the beginning, and I do it because I want to.”

   Carl loves to interact with guests who come from all corners of the country.  He knows he's one of the first people to make contact with the visitors and he wants to make them feel welcome.  “It's a process of getting to know the people a little bit and them feeling comfortable with me,” Carl explains.

   He makes a lot of instant friends, saving his riders quite a hike from the parking lot to the parade grounds.  Carl has been doing this ever since the museum opened in June of 2009.

   Not only does he drive a tram, Carl also gives tours of World War II Street, a collection of vintage buildings restored to their original condition, from barracks to a chapel.

   Carl is a 24-year veteran of the infantry so he's well versed in Army history and loves to share it.  “This is my niche.  I've found that working here, particularly World War II Street, I'm talking about things I'm familiar with.  It's an exceptionally rewarding experience.  It's fantastic.  I just love it!  Wouldn't do anything else.”

   Carl is one of hundreds of volunteers for the National Infantry Foundation.  Lora Warren helps coordinate the volunteer program for the Foundation.  If you are interested in getting involved like Carl, you can reach her by calling (706) 653-9234.

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