News 3 Neighbors: Amy Cobb

   COLUMBUS, Ga.  If you sign in at the St. Francis Hospital Radiology Department on Mondays or Tuesdays this summer, you just might encounter a charming young lady at the check-in window named Amy Cobb.  Amy is a youth volunteer at the hospital, something she's been doing since she was a freshman at Harris County High School.

   “My mother works at the hospital,” says Amy.  “She suggested I volunteer and I said that's great because I've always loved to be a part of clubs that volunteer.  So I jumped on it just as soon as I could.”

   Amy assists Rebekah Yu in the radiology reception area.  Rebekah describes Amy as very welcoming.  “She follows up very well and communication is key with us.  I think she's very helpful to our department and we greatly appreciate her helping us out.”

   Amy also assists in the St. Francis laboratory department keying in paperwork.  Kim Hudson is the supervisor.  In describing Amy, Kim says, “She has really helped us out tremendously as far as the paperwork that we have to do.  For somebody to do that on a volunteer basis is just awesome to us.”

   As Amy heads into her senior year in high school, her focus is on her future.  “I'd like to be a nurse anesthetist, so I'm working towards that goal to be in the nursing field.”

   Amy is one of 62 youth volunteers working at St. Francis this summer.  Kathryn Fussell is the Director of Volunteer Services.  “We ask that their goal be about 30 hours for the summer.  They come in June and July and they work a six-hour shift.”  Fussell adds that it gives students a first-hand look at what working in a hospital environment is like, interacting with adults, the public, customers and patients…learning what it's like to be in a work setting.

   Amy has logged over 100 volunteer hours at St. Francis over the last three summers.  She is a youth volunteer at The Medical Center as well.  She says, “I love helping people.  I'd rather see someone else smile before I smile.  If I can help somebody and make their day better, then that automatically makes my day better.”

   If you know someone like Amy who exemplifies giving back to the community, let us know about them.  You can send an email to

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