Kurt Schmitz

kurt Senior Meteorologist Kurt Schmitz joined WRBL’s First Alert 3 staff in September 2011 after more than 21 years forecasting weather in Columbus, continuing a career in broadcast meteorology now at 37 years and counting.

He is a native of Appleton, Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Kurt began forecasting in 1977, polishing his craft at television stations in Colorado, Michigan, Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas before moving to Columbus in 1989, taking the job of chief meteorologist at the local ABC affiliate.

He holds the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist credential of the American Meteorological Society.

His wife is a high school teacher in Columbus, and they have two grown children, a son who is a graduate of Georgia Tech, and a daughter who graduated from Columbus State’s nursing program; they live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In his spare time, Kurt likes to get on his bicycle to keep in shape, especially along the city’s Rails to Trails facilities. He and his wife enjoy traveling within Georgia, around the United States, and abroad.

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