More concerns about Resthaven Cemetery

Dozens in the valley came together to voice their frustrations about the lake of upkeep on the grounds of the Resthaven Cemetery.

The science behind the sound


Weather affects the sounds you hear in the summer from heavy rain and rolling thunder, but it also influences the strength of sounds you hea…

A Little Less Heat?

The weekend could bring a slight moderation in temperatures, but little break from the humidity.

We will miss you Mercer Van Schoor !

Today is sad day for us at WRBL News 3. Our dear friend and Anchor Mercer Van Schoor will be leaving us after close to two years. Mercer has…

Iconic Atari releasing new console

Atari was the first big name for in-home video games, and the company appears to be appealing to nostalgia in the design of its next model.